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Drills – rotary Hydraulic – HD

The Clark Hydraulic Drill Units are a two speed drills for mounting on a mechanized feed bed. Two units are available, one with a Through Chuck for use with AW or AWJ drill rods, the other is a top head with a square drive chuck for 25mm drill steels. The drill units are used in a range of applications from secondary support and gas drainage in coal mines through to rock bolting in civil tunnels and building projects. The HD1003 through chuck drill incorporates an air chuck system that allows for gripping of the drill steel and also clears cuttings away from the jaws. An alternative option now available is a left handed version.

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Drills – Rotary Pneumatic – RM102

The Clark RM102 range of drills are a rig mounted rotary drills for drilling in coal and soft stone. The drill units have proven their worth on the Clark AT5000 drill rig since 2001. The drills have been used for rib drilling, spiling, floor drilling, roof drilling and coring. Two style are available, the square drive top head version or the through chuck type to suit AW drill rods (Ø43mm) allowing the rods to be passed through the centre of the chuck. The RM102 motor section is also used as tramming motors, grout mixer motors and also to drive hydraulic powerpacks.

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HRP Drifter

The HRP range of rotary percussive drifter is ideal for drilling soft to hard rock. The rig mounted drifter is fitted with a male R32 shank and is ideal for drilling from Ø45 to Ø71mm to a maximum depth of 9 metres.

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