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Air powered excavator

Clarks Have modified two excavators from diesel to air powered. The first machine modified was for an underground bin excavation. The excavator modified was a Case 3T machine which included fitting an air safety circuit as all electrics and diesel supply was removed. The pneumatic change made it possible for the machine to operate in an underground coal mine without the issues of toxic fumes and explosive risks. Clarks have also modified a 1.3T JCB excavator that is available for hire.


Air powered Jumbo H104

This Atlas Copco H104 has been modified to suit civil construction sites and tunnels where electric power is not available. The machine retains the diesel engine for tramming the machine independently to various locations but has a pneumatic motor for operating the hydraulic drill and boom allowing flexibility in areas without electrical supply. The hydraulic tunneling and mining rig has a single BUT 4 boom and a Montabert HC20 rock drill for drilling narrow tunnel cross sections. It is able to drill roof/floor/side/forward in soft and hard rock.

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Carrier machine

Clarks Mining Services have manufactured several pneumatic machines for carrying objects underground. These machines can carry items such as conveyor structure, grout pallets or longwall components. Because the machines are pneumatic they are ideal for use in underground coal mines. These machines have been utilized as they are a much more cost effective alternative to an LHD machine.AT79-1

Dump truck

Clarks Mining has manuactured a diesel powered dump truck for use on the railways. The main feature of the dump truck was the specially imported balloon tyres that made it possible to drive on rail tracks without damaging them or the tyres. Picture1

Feed mounted Panther

Clarks Mining have made special feed masts to mount the popular Atlas Copco rock drills. This design is an economical alternative to a drill rig or dedicated excavator attachment as it is comparatively light, easy to use and made of basic but robust materials. The feed frame is from the Clark AT5000 drill rig with the mounting modified for a Panther drill. The feed motor is the Clark RM102 series motor.

Grapple attachment

Clarks Mining Services have designed and tested a grapple attachment that can be fitted to the boom of a drill rig. The grapple allows objects such as services pipes to be picked up from the ground and lifted into position.Grapple attachment

Tuyere machine

Tuyere machine

Clarks Mining have manufactured two Tuyere machines for use at the Port Kembla Steel Works. The machine is LPG powered and is designed to install and remove Tuyeres from the blast furnace. The machine’s undercarriage design was based on the Clark air powered drill rig but has a shorter wheel base and polyurethane coated track pads.